J P Mukherji and Associates Pvt. Ltd has a track record of about more than four decades in concept to commissioning solutions in every aspect of Sugar and Allied Sectors. JPMA like any other start-up, had humble beginnings started with troubleshooting services for existing sugar plants. But within a short time-span grew exponentially and today JPMA provides complete turnkey consultancy services from Concept to Commissioning for anything and everything in Sugar. Be it a Sugar plant, Sugar refinery, Co-generation, Ethanol Plant, Jaggery or Sugar cane Agriculture.

JPMA’s explicit strength is the successful completion of challenging and complex projects that require comprehensive management capability and interdisciplinary engineering expertise. With a proven track record of more than 200 projects completed in over 30+ countries, JPMA is the leading consulting firm in its areas of expertise.

JPMA assists clients worldwide with full-scope services for projects in the following main business areas:


  • Raw Sugar, Plantations White Sugar & Refined Sugar
  • Jaggery Power, Moulds, Organic Jaggery
  • Value-added products like, Candy sugar, sugar cube, Sugar sachet, Icing sugar, Brown sugar, Invert sugar syrup etc.
  • Project Engineering, Planning, Execution and Commissioning Services
  • Greenfield/ New Turnkey sugar & jaggery Plants
    • Latest Technology Edition to sugar Plants
    • Design of Milling & Diffuser Plants
    • Design of Process House – Juice Treatment, Clarification, Evaporation Station, Vacuum Pan and Graining, Crystallization Section and Sugar handling system.
    • Balancing of Plant Electrical
    • Balance of Plant Automation
    • Plant Water System
    • Effluent Treatment System as per CPCB norms
    • Sugar Packaging System
  • Existing Sugar Plants
    • Capacity Expansion
    • Optimization & Modernization
    • Process Steam Economy Less than 36% on cane
    • Reduction of Process Losses
    • Reduction of Factory Downtime
    • Trouble shooting
    • Improvement in Milling plant efficiency & Reduction of Losses
    • Sugar Plant Balancing, Modernization, Rehabilitation and Expansion (BMRE)
    • Sugar Plant Automation
    • Sugar Plant Electrification
  • Equipment Performance Tests
  • Development of new Products related to Sugar Plant
  • Mill and Process House Equipment Design


Cogeneration of electric power from bagasse and other bio-mass fuels is one of important areas of specialization for JPMA.

JPMA worked as consultant, right from concept to commissioning in many projects in India and overseas. Till date executed worldwide around 1000 MW capacity cogeneration plants

  • Bagasse, Coal and Ash Handling system
  • Low, medium and High-Pressure Steam Generation and Distribution
  • Bagasse based Cogeneration Plant
  • Coal Based Cogeneration Plant
  • Independent Power Projects
  • DG set for emergency power
  • Captive Power Generation Plants
  • Boiler Efficiency Improvement
  • Electrification of Cogeneration plants
  • Automation of Cogeneration plants
  • Power Evacuation System
  • Power Distribution system
  • Fire Fighting system
  • Boiler and turbine PG tests
  • Pressure ventilation and Air Conditioning (PV & AC).
  • HP and LP Piping design and drawings


JPMA worked as consultant, right from concept to commissioning and performance testing in several projects in India and overseas. Ethanol production from molasses/Juice/grain are important areas of our specialization.

Treatment of Vinasse from Ethanol plant by adopting bio-methanation, Composting, incineration, etc., are another area of specialization for zero effluent discharge.

Areas covered under the Distillery section are,

  • Molasses Based Ethanol Plants.
  • Grain Based Ethanol Plants
  • Final Products - Extra Neutral Alcohol (ENA)/ Fuel Ethanol/Rectified Sprit (RS).
  • Diversion of B Heavy/C heavy Molasses to Ethanol Plant
  • Diversion of Concentrated Juice to Ethanol Plant
  • Effluent Treatment Plant as per CPCB norms.
  • Zero Liquid Effluent Discharge as per CPCB norms
  • Incineration Boiler and Turbine
  • Bio Composting & Bio Gas Generation
  • Co2 Bottling Unit


JPMA conducts energy audit in the industry in order to save energy.

The primary objective of Energy Auditing in sugar industry is to achieve and maintain optimum energy generation from bagasse and its utilization in process, with an aim to minimize energy costs without affecting product quality and its cost of production.

JPMA offers comprehensive, customized energy saving solutions to its Clients. We carry detailed Energy Audits to provide our clients with complete solutions to improve the energy efficiency of their plant and meet current industry benchmarks.

We have our team of BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) certified Energy Auditors. Our Energy Auditors are well experienced and have carried audits in many industries. We are well equipped with all necessary instruments such as Power Analyzers, Flue Gas Analyzers, Infra-red non-contact, Multimeter


  • Topographic /Contour Mapping
  • Soil Survey and Land Suitability Study
  • Hydrology and Hydrometeorology Study
  • Surface water resources study
  • Irrigation Systems Study and Design
  • Cane Agronomy and Production Studies
  • Field Mechanization including harvesting and cane transport
  • Machinery repair and maintenance workshop
  • Sugar cane Disease and pest Management
  • Agriculture Infrastructure requirement
  • Sugar cane yield improvement
  • Selection of Sugar Cane variety.
  • Detail Engineering Design
  • Implementation Master Plan
  • Formulation and implementation of training programmes


  • TEFS of Power Plant including Solar Plants
  • Analysis like P50, P75, P90
  • Solar Thermal Biomass Hybrid Power Plant


  • - Civil Foundation Design
  • - Equipment Structural Design
  • - Architectural Design
  • Financial & Economic Analysis of Sugar, Cogeneration Plant & Distillery
  • Infrastructure Requirement Study
  • Quality Inspection services at vendor shop
  • Asset Valuation of Sugar, Cogeneration and Distillery Plants
  • Marketing Study for Raw and refined Sugar Design and Execution of Power Evacuation system to GRID
  • Marketing Study for Molasses and Grain based Distillery
  • Environmental Impact Assessment Study
  • Socio-Economic Impact Assessment Study
  • Organization & Management System Study
  • Project Equipment trials and commissioning
  • Corrective engineering
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